• Saddle Machines

    Saddle Machines

    Manual and motorised saddle machine options ideal for cutting pipe diameters from 1 1/2" to 48" (38 mm to 1219 mm)

  • Mini Mag XM

    Mini Mag XM

    Designed for pipes with wall thickness up to 3” (76 mm) and capable of cutting 6" (153 mm) pipes and larger O.D., and 24" (610 mm) pipes and larger I.D.

  • Mini Jolli Machines

    Mini Jolli Machines

    Lightweight mini chain machine recommended for cutting random lots of small or larger diameters of pipe from 2" (51 mm) onwards

  • Band Crawlers

    Band Crawlers

    Lightweight band crawler allows for one man operation on pipe sizes up to 60" (1524 mm) and requires only 6" (153 mm) clearance