Tool Calibration

Protec offers a comprehensive calibration service for manual, pneumatic and hydraulic torque tools of most brands. Our certified calibration equipment is capable of calibrating manual torque wrenches up to 2.000 Nm, hydraulic torque wrenches up to 50.000 Nm and pneumatic torque wrenches up to 8.000 Nm. We are also able to calibrate pressure gauges from 10 to 2500 bar. All items calibrated by Protec are returned with a traceable individual test and calibration certificate. 

Our calibration services can also be carried at the client’s facility, through utilising our fully equipped, on-site mobile test vehicle, managed by trained and qualified test engineers. Pre-arranged site visits allow clients to gather all equipment requiring calibration to a central point for our test engineers to efficiently carry out the calibration services.

The calibration service offered by Protec is particularly focused on tools used for accurate bolt tightening, which according to industry standards, recommends that they are calibrated, at least once per year or more if used extensively.

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