• Rod Ends

    Rod Ends

    Standard stainless steel and steel copper alloys, and pneumatic stainless steel and steel copper alloy types

  • Spherical Bearings

    Spherical Bearings

    Stainless steel, steel copper alloy types suitable for oscillating movements to accommodate misalignment

  • Motor Sport Series

    Motor Sport Series

    Rod ends and spherical bearings designed to cope with extreme temperatures, alternating strains and impacts

  • Bearing Units

    Bearing Units

    Inserts, cast iron, stainless steel, pressed steel, silver and plastic types

  • Metric Cam Follower Bearings

    Metric Cam Follower Bearings

    Standard and heavy load types suitable for a wide range of linear motion systems

  • Bearings


    Ball and roller bearing types that can withstand load radially and axially

  • Slide Bushes

    Slide Bushes

    Compact mechanism, low friction slide bushes fully compatible with a variety of shaft types

  • Clevises and Bolts

    Clevises and Bolts

    Clevises with spring bolts for carrying out pulling, pushing, linear pulling or axle offset compensation

  • Shaft Hub Connections

    Shaft Hub Connections

    Standard machine elements used to connect shafts and hubs and capable of transmitting torque, axial forces, radial forces and bending movements